Wednesday August 19th, 2020

Thank You!

As the 13th Annual Tin Cup Challenge comes to a close, we at Teton Valley Aquatics want to thank our community, donors and water enthusiasts for their support! 2020 has been an interesting year and many nonprofits have dealt with unique challenges in operating their non-profit in order to uphold their missions, and TVA is no different.

Due to COVID we were unable to offer our swim lessons and Josh-the-Otter education programs, limiting our ability to build awareness around the need for our own aquatic facility in Teton Valley. By building awareness around the importance of an aquatic facility for not only water safety but for health, wellness and just pure fun, we lose the chance to interact with potential donors that can help keep TVA afloat. 

Thanks to the Community Foundation and the Tin Cup Challenge, we are able to raise much needed funds for operating expenses, which is extremely important as we partake on the next stage of our project now that a site has been established. 


Leo Tin Cup